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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic / psychodynamic psychotherapy aims to make a significant contribution to a person's sense of well-being and mental health. It differs from many other therapies in that it is usually a long-term process which aims for deep- seated change within the personality.  Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is based on the notion that we sometimes attempt to deal with problems by trying to  push them out of our mind. However, unresolved problems may continue to affect our feelings, behaviour and even our physical health. Our mind is shaped by experience, and the way we integrate the events of childhood, good and bad, affects how we cope with adult life. Much of our mind is outside conscious awareness. In  therapy, we gradually come to make sense of our experiences.  As we do so, a process of change occurs.

The therapist

The therapist offers a confidential space where the dynamics of our inner world can be played out. Troubling emotional conflicts can be re-lived, and this gives an opportunity to become aware of repeating patterns of feeling, thought and behaviour. Becoming aware of such patterns facilitates change. The psychoanalytic psychotherapist will reveal little about him or herself. Although this may feel strange or uncomfortable at first, this approach helps to bring unconscious wishes and conflicts to mind. The therapist usually refrains from directing the session and keeps questions to a minimum. This requires a willingness to tolerate uncertainty at times, but can bring increased self-confidence and a sense of finding one’s own voice. 


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